• Sharon Smithem

My Meditation Pond

Monday, May 17, 2010

I had this vision one day to create a quiet place in my yard , a place to sit and meditate. Listening to the sound of water falling...I love to make things from nothing , beautiful areas. I started with the back drop made from old thrown out windows and columns. Built this screen with the curtains to gently flow in the breeze. Then I started on the pond. Asked for somewhere to find rocks , a friend dropped me off a truck load of them. WOW! Dug the shape to fit the pond liner I had from a previous job, built the sides up with bricks. Made the back taller for the waterfall.

Everything you see in this photo was given to me. The 2 pine trees, the plants around the pond, the 2 old adirondack chairs , there is a small dogwood tree. The gazing globe and stand was made by my son the welder. The bark chips are from the city from chipped up trees. Its possible to have beauty even though you might not be rich, I am rich in talents and friends! THANK YOU

- Sharon

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