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Hello... I am Sharon


Artist | Illustrator & Painter

Growing up in Buffalo, NY, I was surrounded by beauty. The large willow trees and the creek by my house were a constant source of inspiration. I spent my childhood painting and drawing, and by the time I was in high school, I knew that art was going to be my life's work.

I later studied illustration at Kendall College of Art & Design for my Bachelor of Fine Arts and moved from the city to raise my family near Lake Michigan. During that time I did commissions for stained glass church windows and oil paintings.

Painting in oils became my love. I focused on large close-up floral oil work and also branched out to create several large mural paintings in public and private homes. Then I mastered mosaic wall murals for restaurants, hospitals, and private locations. 

My work has been exhibited throughout the country and can be found in private collections in the US. And I am also known for my large format painting, especially my powerful Native American Horse series. 

Since then, I've retreated to the beauty of the Charlevoix, Michigan lakeshore. I’ve been lucky to work closely with authors on published book illustrations and also gold leaf lettering for privately-owned boats.

I enjoy teaching others to create beauty with the inspiration they receive from nature. My passion is creating beauty through art and I want every person who sees one of my pieces to feel inspired.

I am working on a series of courses available at the Arts Centers of northern Michigan to inspire budding artists to create more. Find me at Boyne Arts Collective and Charlevoix Circle of Arts.

I love connecting. Please follow me on Instagram and let's share your love of art! 

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